The Story of Ed

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The Hockey Film is excited to share the story of Ed. His unique and uplifting story will touch the hearts of the viewer, whether you’re a hockey fan or not. It’s a segment of the film that’s sure to motivate and inspire you.

We were fortunate enough to have Ed contact us via a small ad we posted in the early days of production. He came into the office for an on-camera interview to talk “all things hockey”. Throughout that process, we learned a great deal about Ed, his background, his hopes and dreams.

We also saw his passion for life.

We enjoyed his persona so much, that we created a segment in the film to give us the chance to share his amazing story with the world. We even released a small trailer featuring Ed, sharing a small portion of his story within.

We’re thankful that Ed reached out to us, and grateful to have the opportunity to tell his story in the film. It’s what drives and motivates us to create a documentary you’ll be excited to watch, and glad that you did.

-The Hockey Film

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