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Back near the start of the hockey season, Chris was invited to sit down with Logan and Joe from the Puck Yeah! Podcast in New Zealand. Puck Yeah started as a podcast with two hockey-mad Kiwis, Logan Swinkels & Joe Durie, bantering about the NHL, NZIHL and all things puck culture.

Puck Yeah has talked about the many happenings in and around the world of hockey, and has featured the likes of Steve Dangle (YouTube and Sportsnet), Cam Green and Justin Daigle from the Backyard Hockey League (also being featured in the film), and more.

The Hockey Film is happy to return the favour, as we will be sharing the story behind the Puck Yeah! Podcast, as part of our New Zealand segment. Thanks to Logan and Joe for having Chris on, and spreading the hockey love.

Listen to Puck Yeah! on Soundcloud:

Listen to the episode on The Hockey Film:
Episode 29: The Hockey Film feat. filmmaker Chris Aylward

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