Winterland Returns

A blast of record-breaking cold Arctic air has blanketed Canada, and with it a return of a more scenic look and feel for the film.

Hindered by two warm winters in a row (’16/’17), 2018 appears to be promising for the filmmaker and his endeavour to complete a large portion of shooting for the documentary. A grassroots approach, The Hockey Film will feature the game played in various settings/locations. However, the game was born outdoors and no hockey movie would be complete without an outdoor component.

B-Roll footage for the film has resumed, and plans are in the works for a number of outdoor pond hockey games to be shot for inclusion in the film. The last attempt at an outdoor ice hockey game (pond) was attempted in 2015, when in the early stages of the film. It was the last time we had a cold enough winter to provide what the filmmaker was after.

With this sudden and early start to frigid temperatures, we look forward to completing a number of items off the shot plan. It’s cold, it’s the start of winter, and we’re excited!

More information on these and future events can be found here: