New Zealand Segment Expands

The New Zealand Under-20 National Team as they head for camp in Latvia.


The Hockey Film is happy to announce another side-story to the New Zealand segment of the film. On January 9th, 2018 the New Zealand Under-20 National Team left NZ for training camp in Latvia.

The team began preparations for the 2018 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship Division III, held in Sofia, Bulgaria from January 22-28. The team left with hopes on improving from their 4th place finish in Division III last year.

Crews working for The Hockey Film are embedded with the team and are capturing the journey, as we look to give you an inside peek at the game from the other side of the world. The idea is to show a side of hockey that most people here in North America are unfamiliar with. It’s not an easy journey for these young kiwis, but their passion and drive remain undeterred.

The film has a fantastic set of stories from New Zealand, with the Backyard Hockey League, West Auckland Admirals, the boys from Puck Yeah! Podcast, and now the U20 National Team.

Here on the home front in Canada, we have a number of segments that are remaining to be completed, but we can’t wait to share these amazing stories with hockey-loving people everywhere.