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The Filmmaker


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested and invested in two things in my life, hockey and film. I’ve been passionate about hockey since I was seven years old, and am still involved in the game today. As for film, I grew up loving to take photos and video with various cameras, working on my first cheesy “film projects” by grade six. To this day, I still have film footage from my later years in elementary school.

This interest took off in high school, when I quickly realized that I had only three things that were going to keep my attention in school; Sports, Computers, and Television Arts. To this day, I can say that if it wasn’t for my TV Arts Teacher, Mr. Tuff, I’m not sure what I’d be doing today.

It can be very overwhelming to create something that you’ll share with the world. I’m humbled by the amount of interest it has received thus far.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Hockey is a unique sport, in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other, and pulling in the same direction to be successful.

- Wayne Gretzky -

About the Film

/Why the Documentary

From a love of the sport, The Hockey Film is a full-feature film documenting the lives of real, everyday people who “eat, sleep, and breathe hockey”. While featuring people like you and me, the film also showcases a glimpse into the lives of a few professionals, on how they fell in love with the sport.

The vision for this film comes from Christopher Aylward, an independent filmmaker, who happens to be a big hockey fan, and a proud hockey goalie. The film tells the true stories of various individuals, players, families, team reps, league commissioners, to owners of clubs.

Scheduled Release: TBD.


I have a passion for film and the art of telling a story. Be it a hockey classic like “Slapshot“, or some other great movies like “Mystery Alaska“, “The Mighty Ducks“, or “Youngblood“. To documentaries like “Ken Dryden’s Home Game“, or “HBO’s 24/7“, the life of hockey can be told in many ways, and The Hockey Film is another look into the game we love.


My love of hockey has lasted nearly 35 years. From early childhood, though my teenage and young adult years, to present day, I’ve been around the game for a long time. We all share a love for hockey, and that love for the game, coupled with the passion I have for filmmaking, makes The Hockey Film an obvious result of my two worlds colliding.


The Hockey Film brings viewers a more intimate look into the lives of hockey people. From hard-working everyday folks like you and me, to a more down-to-earth conversation with some hockey professionals, told in a way that’s more relatable. It’s a film about the true grassroots of a game, as seen by various people with various backgrounds within it.


4years of development
432hours of raw footage
2696hours of work


/A few key moments

Jul 20

Local Involvement


The Hockey Film begins conducting interviewed segments for the documentary. Those on-camera interviews feature local "everyday people" with a unique hockey story to tell.


Looking for Local Talent

The filmmaker begins looking into showcasing local musical talents (solo, bands, etc.) that would be interested in having their track(s) as possible inclusion into The Hockey Film's final cut.

Nov 30
Jan 1

Winter “B-Roll”


The film begins shooting b-roll footage for the film during the winter months.

The Beast

Former NHL'er

Former NHL Goaltender Allan Bester agrees on becoming involved with the film. The former Toronto Maple Leaf and fan favourite happens to be the idol of The Hockey Film's very own filmmaker, Christopher Aylward. The crew will travel down to Florida to film Bester's segment.

Apr 25
Jul 25

War Pigs

Oink Oink

The Hockey Film announces inclusion of the War Pigs, a highly-competitive local ball hockey team from Niagara, within the film. The film follows the team through various large-scale ball hockey tournaments, featuring player interviews along the way.

New Zealand Connection

Land of the Long White Cloud

The Hockey Film announces the addition of New Zealand's Backyard Hockey League (BHL) within the film. Also included in the announcement, is the additional inclusion of the West Auckland Admirals of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL).

May 26
Jan 6

Plaster Rock


The Hockey Film announces it will travel to Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, as it will feature the World Pond Hockey Championship. The annual championship is a massive venue, visited and participated by people from all over the globe.


Pond Hockey

The Hockey Film announces that it will head out to Haliburton, Ontario, as it will feature the Canadian Pond Hockey Championships. The second pond hockey event added to the film, showcases another large venue of hockey players and fans alike.

Jan 18
Feb 4

Principal Photography Delayed

Weather Setback

Due in large part to a warm 2016/17 winter, The Hockey Film delays principal photography (outdoor) to the following winter. It continues secondary & b-roll shooting for the films' spring/summer/fall segments.

Walter Gretzky Tournament

Great Tournament, Great Cause

The Hockey Film is granted permission to include a segment featuring the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament. The filmmaker interviews the folks who run the tournament, the Ontario Lung Association, along with the hosts of the event, Ball Hockey International (BHI). A surprise guest is also interviewed for the film.

Jun 2

Completion Estimate

40%Principle Photography
10%Post Production

The Film Blog

/Our Journey

Apr 4

The Story of Ed


The Hockey Film is excited to share the story of Ed. His unique and uplifting story will touch the hearts of the viewer, whether you're a hockey fan or not.…

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The Beast

Allan Bester

The Hockey Film is happy to announce that longtime fan favourite, and former Toronto Maple Leaf goaltender, Allan Bester, has agreed to be involved with the film! Nicknamed "The Beast", Bester…

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Nov 30
May 26

New Zealand Connection

Hockey-Loving Kiwi's

The Hockey Film is happy to announce a two-parter from the "land of the long white cloud" (or, if you're from Australia, "the land across the ditch"), New Zealand! We're…

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We're looking forward to seeing the final product, because the trailer is a visual journey into the world of outdoor hockey.
I can't wait to see a full-sized documentary on the lives of everyday hockey-loving people!
We're beyond excited to be involved. We've got a lot of people down here in New Zealand interested in your film!
I can't wait to see how amazing this turns out to be!





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We don’t post like crazy, because we’re putting our focus into making a film, but from time-to-time we like to keep you updated on the progress, and other exciting news. Hit us up, we’d love to have you!

Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it in your job if, every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you.

- Jacques Plante -


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